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My Journey

On March 17, 1985 I was born in Cuba into a loving family. My mother, father and two brothers were my family, but my grandmother, who lived close, was also very influential in my life. My mother taught me how to clean spotlessly, cook delicious Cuban meals, and be a better person everyday.  Spending much time with my grandmother  influenced  me positively as she taught me life’s values and good character traits.  As I approached my teenage years, I began to realize that I wanted a better life and more opportunity to grow. I began to plot my journey to focus on becoming a U.S. Citizen. This was my dream.  That dream came true and I am so happy I was able to follow my dream.

Moving to Lancaster, PA was a blessing in disguise. I met a couple who have become my American Parents. Jim and Tracey have not only come alongside me but have introduced me to Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior. We have joined a church and are reading God’s Word and growing in love for Him, who is our maker and provider.

Together, we have created “The Spotless Divas” business plan, and have committed the business to the Lord. We strive to foster and build this business with the highest integrity

In 2016, on my birthday, I married my husband, Luis, and am now beginning a new journey in life.  We met in Lancaster and began dating almost immediately. I knew from the first date that I wanted this man in my life forever. We are on this journey together in life and are very happy.

This business is a long, thought-out dream of mine and I am committed to doing it to the best of my ability. I have aligned myself with the right people and I am focused on building my business quickly and finding many new relationships in life.

Denise Ulate, Owner

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